Hello 2014

Happy New Year y ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! 
2014年 明けましておめでとうございます♡ 
May each and every day of yours be renewed with lots of happiness and love. 

保護されている犬たちと新年のお散歩をさせていただこうと、アニマルフレンズ新潟(Animal Friends Niigata)に行って来ました。激しい雨と雷の中のお散歩となりましたが、犬たちのよろこぶようすをみていると雨に濡れるのも気にならなくなってきます。1時間半で私たち二人が散歩をした犬は10頭。1頭10分から15分が目安になるそうですが、約80頭の犬を朝晩お散歩させるのは想像以上に大変なことです。スタッフの方はお散歩が終わると今度はねこたちのお世話に取りかかるそうです。





<Information from their English Website>

We are a small group set up in 2008 by Isabella Gallaon-Aoki, a long-term resident of Niigata, caring for and re-homing some of the many unwanted animals found in Niigata Prefecture and in other parts of Japan. In Niigata Prefecture more than 4,000 of these unfortunate animals meet an untimely death at the hands of the authorities yearly.

We give the necessary care and social training to abandoned animals, and where possible to find them new good and loving homes. Where this is not possible, we provide them with lifelong care at our small shelter. We believe strongly that all animals, regardless of age, health, and behavioural problems have the right to life, and should not be discriminated against just for these reasons. Because of this belief we rescue many old, sick, and problem animals, who have no chance of being adopted and who other rescue groups will not help. We hold a regular adoption events to try to find homes for our animals.

In addition to our animal rescue work, we try to educate people about animal welfare through our events and talks etc. We also offer support, in various ways, to individuals who are trying to improve conditions for animals both within our prefecture and in other parts of Japan. We are working towards setting up a community both within Niigata and Japan as a whole who care about animals and wish to help them. We work in collaboration with other groups in Japan and take in and re-home animals to and from other areas.